Telehealth requesting services and Home Visits

Telehealth Pathology Requesting

The Southern.IML Pathology laboratories in Wollongong and Nowra are operating at full capacity 24/7 and we are able to continue to provide a comprehensive range of testing for your patients.

Due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic we understand some of you are choosing to use the Telehealth services to treat your patients.  We would like to inform you of the following options available to send your pathology request forms and home visit bookings.

  1. Scan or photo image of the request form and email to:
  2. Email request to the patient and ask them to print it
  3. Fax request form to Wollongong on 02 4224 7457 or Nowra on 02 4422 9103
  4. SMS a photo of request to the patient and ask them to print it
  5. Booking in-home visits by calling Wollongong on 02 4224 7438 or Nowra on 02 4423 3111 (select option 2)

The minimum requirements for a pathology request are:

  • The request form must have the doctor name and provider number.
  • No signature is needed
  • A verbal request must be confirmed with a written request within 14 days.

A telehealth online request form is available for you to easily submit your patient request. 

Download the form and enter your email and the patient's email in the relevant fields. 

When you submit, the form will attach to an email for all recipients.

Online pathology request form

Pathology request form