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Billing Policy

Southern.IML Pathology will bulk bill:

  • Pensioners

  • Health care cardholders
  • Veteran Affairs patients

Please have your Medicare, Health Care card or Veterans Affairs card with you when you have a pathology test.

Medicare Rebate Eligibility

For patients who are eligible for a Medicare Rebate, Southern.IMl Pathology bulk bills routine pathology tests. If you hold a current medicare card, your tests could be eligible for a Medicare rebate.  Complex tests are not bulk billed.

Your Medicare rebate is the subsidy provided by the Australian government for tests that are included in the Medicare Benefits Schedule.  If any of your tests are not covered in this Schedule, you will not receive a rebate.  You will need to pay for these tests in full. 

The Medicare criteria for rebates including guidelines for repeat testing  provides general information regarding tests that will receive a Medicare rebate.   For more information about personal and test eligility visit the Medicare link at Department of Human Services or contact Medicare on 132 011.

Private Patient Accounts

Inpatient (Hospital) Pathology Services

In-patient pathology services refers to tests performed on:

  • A private patient in a private hosptial or approved day hospital facility, or
  • A private patient in a recognised (public) hospital

Southern.IML Pathology has a 'no gaps' arrangment with a majority of Private Health Funds.  If you are a member of one of these Private Health Funds you will not incur 'out -of-pocket' expenses relating to your pathology testing whilst you are a hospital in-patient.  If you have health cover with one of these funds, your account will be billed directly to Medicare Australia and your private health insurer for full payment.  

If you are not a member of one of these funds,  you will receive a private account.  Part of the private account will usually be claimable from Medicare Australia. You can still make a claim from your health fund. Hospital Patient Billing Advice


If you are not in hospital at the time of your test, you will receive an account for pathology tests that have been performed and reported to your treating doctor. Part of the private account will usually be claimable from Medicare Australia. Fees for pathology tests are separate from the fees charged by other doctors. We limit our fees so that your out-of-pocket payment expenses are kept to a mimimum.

Non-Rebatable Tests

Medicare Australia does not offer rebates for a number of tests. You will need to pay for these tests in full.  Common tests that are Non-Rebatable include some genetic tests, Thinprep, HPV, tests for insurance purposes and tests for drugs of abuse.

View our Billing Brochure

Payment Methods

Southern.IML Pathology offers several payment options:        

  • By Internet - Pay Your Account Online
  • BPAY - Telephone & Internet Banking
  • At any Australian Post office or online -
  • Post Billpay - phone 131 816
  • By Mail - Locked Bag 35, Wollongong NSW 2500
  • By Telephone - 1300 135 139, have your credit card details ready
  • In person payments at 37 Denison Street Wollongong.  Payment facilities are not available at 3 Bridge Street Coniston.

Detailed payment instructions are printed on your account, but if you have any further queries please phone 1300 552 512.