The criteria for COVID-19 testing are listed on the NSW Health website and are subject to change as the global situation changes. 

  • A person requiring a COVID-19 test should be referred to a designated Southern.IML Pathology COVID-19 collection site.
  • A doctor collection can be performed using full personal protective equipment (PPE),  if a patient presents with mild illness (no severe coughing or shortness of breath). 
  • All high-risk patients (fever or significant respiratory symptoms) must be referred to a local hospital. 
  • Testing: All respiratory viral swabs are undergoing COVID-19 tests.  Where COVID-19 test is requested, this will be processed without other testing.  Where a respiratory vial swab is requested, it will be processed for influenza A, influenza B and RSV as well as COVID-19.  The full respiratory viral panel is currently unavailable due to prioritisantion during the pandemic.

Rapid molecular testing for COVID-19 is now available on-site.

The most recent numbers of COVID-19 can be accessed via NSW HEALTH.

The information here is designed to keep you informed of our current status as it applies to coronavirus testing. As a result of conditions changing so rapidly, our website will be updated regularly with pertinent COVID-19 information and the latest from our practice about collection and testing.