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Transfusion Guidelines

Southern.IML Pathology follow the guidelines and standards developed in the practice of blood transfusion as specified by:

Australian & New Zealand Society of Blood Transfusion (ANZSBT)

The broad aims of the ANZSBT are:

  • The advancement of knowledge in blood transfusion and transfusion medicine.
  • The promotion of improved standards in the practice of blood transfusion.
  • The collaboration with international and other regional societies intrerested in blood.
  • The promotion of interest in research into blood transfusion and allied subjects.
  • The formulation of guidelines in key areas of transfusion practice.

ANZSBT Publications which may assist clinicians include:

  • ANZSBT Guidelines
  • Apheresis Guidelines.
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines & other brochures (NHMRC/ASBT)
  • Paediatric Patient Information.

Australian Red Cross - Transfusion Medicine Services

The Transfusion Medicine Services team at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS) provides transfusion medicine consultancy services covering patient care, transfusion adverse events, blood product information and appropriate use, hospital inventory management, advice on consent and risk, and other useful information.