Test Instructions

Your doctor has asked that you to have a pathology test. 

The following provides specific instructions and information that should be followed for particular tests.



3 Day Faecal DietDownload Information
24 Hour Holter MonitorDownload Instructions
24 Hour Urine CollectionDownload Instructions
24 Hour Urine Dietry RestrictionsDownload Information
24 Hour Urine SerotoninDownload Information
Chlamydia & N Gonorrhea Initial (First Pass Urine)Download Instructions
Fasting InstructionsDownload Information
Fine Needle AspirationDownload Information
Glucose Tolerance TestDownload Information
Mid Stream Urine - FemaleDownload Instructions
Mid Stream Urine - Male

Download Instructions

Paediatric UrineDownload Instructions
Semen Analysis - IllawarraDownload Instructions
Semen Analysis - ShoalhavenDownload Instructions
Sputum CollectionDownload Instructions
Sputum Collection - CytologyDownload Instructions
Urine Collection - CytologyDownload Instructions
Cervical Screening Changes for PatientsDownload Brochure
Harmony NIPTDownload Brochure
Heart at RiskDownload Brochure
Mens HealthDownload Brochure
Urea Breath TestDownload Brochure